“En Primeur” 2018

Like every year a special tasting is approaching : the “en primeur” ! If you are thinking something like “What is he talking about ?” or “Why there is no translation for “en primeur” ?” don’t worry, I am going to explain. But only the first one, the second is a real mystery even for me.

The “en primeur” is a winetasting of the young wines from the last harvest (here 2018) by wine expert and media to judge and give their impression about the quality of the vintage. For the prestigious wines it is also the occasion to define the price of their bottles and allocate quantities to wine merchant. But here is the thing : wines are not finished yet ! That is why the “en primeur” tasting is different and complex. The most important part of it have to continue their ageing at least for 15 months, to be sold end of 2020/ begining of 2021 !

Last week we prepared the futur blending of the Château Palais Cardinal 2018 with Oenoteam and Thomas Duclos, our oenologist. This delicate step consists to blend different batch of wines to make samples, representative of the futur 2018.

I am sure we will talk about the “en primeur” again very soon, when the expert palate will give their impression !